Sunday, November 8, 2009

Posta l'Una

by jyll

Ahh, where to start? We're just figuring out the focus of this world wide weblog, so bear with us during the construction phase if you're feeling charitable, or check back in a few weeks if not.

The best thing to write about, as every writer will tell you is the very cliche, and yet very sound:

Write what you know.

Simple and yet profound. But at the moment my hangover, my lack of coffee, me being coerced into working on a Sunday, and the brick of cheese I accidentally ate are all weighing heavily on my mind so I'm not quite ready for profundity.

Last night I had a pretty decent first date, Manhattan style, at a fancy bar with a guy in a button down and a pullover and the standard yuppie jeans (fortunately the lighting was bad so no one noticed my Payless shoes and clearance-H&M dress), and we had a nice time and ended up getting hammered and making out at the bar, which was nice for several reasons but mostly because it was such a drunken redneck thing to do that it reminded me of home.

After he paid our fairly substantial bar tab, I toddled home in my heels and made friends with two bouncers, one door man, a crackhead, and the falafel guy. I also called my ex-boyfriend. Effing brilliant. Even in my drunken stupor I knew that it was a dumb thing to do so I fell back on an ancient female remedy for comforting oneself: I went to the nearest deli and bought a chocolate bar and an Enquirer. Then I called my best friend in Nevada, who after hearing me speak two words told me to drink a glass of water and go to bed. So I did. Today was spent buying hairdye, harrassing Liz at her cafe, getting a pedicure, taking a lot of Advil, and buying cheese at the farmer's market for a party tonight and eating half of it. And then writing this profound, soulful piece for the blog. I daresay that with a bit more sleep, a few more braincells, and less cheese and chocolate in my system I can maybe think of something better. Stay tuned for posts about Italian barmen, crash dieting, childcare tips, Ways to Convince Yourself that You Can Skip the Gym, and many, many more such gems.

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