Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Day Women

Bus to Boston (the bus has wifi)

It is pouring rain outside. The wind is 35 mph, and it's cold. It's an all around miserable day. I'm not one to talk smack about a day based solely on the weather, but when that weather blows water into my makeup and makes my hair look like my mom's circa 1993, I get a little snippy. I decided to sit by the door so that I could be the first to leave but as we're at a reststop and the driver left the damned door open I'm rethinking that decision. We're in Connecticut right now, it's as cold and wet and soddy out there as you can imagine. A few people got off to use the restrooms, and I was just going to sit on the bus and stretch out but I realized that I'd never peed in Connecticut before, or even set a foot on Connecticut soil, so I ran off the bus and did both. Nothing to report, though. Connecticut feels just as rainy and miserable as New York, although the bathrooms were nice.

I'm heading to Boston to stay with a friend for a few weeks while I figure out what my next move is. I have quit my comfortable, rent-free job as a live-in nanny in Manhattan and am going to try and get a Real Job. And since I want to remain friends with Liz I'm headed to my friend Jon's house to job hunt and apartment hunt. Not that Liz would mind putting me up, she's a saint, but I'm a messy houseguest and annoying on a few different levels and I don't want Liz's roommates to start associating her with me. Jon has no roommates, and he's a guy so he's a pig anyway.

Today I packed my stuff up, everything I own fits (barely) into a large rolling suitcase and a duffel bag. I intended to somehow lug it to Penn Station on my own, figuring that I'd probably throw my back out taking it down the stairs but that I could sleep it off tomorrow. Liz, however, had different ideas, and the little angel enlisted her two best friends who were here on vacation to help me out. I've never had anyone help me move before, be it apartments or countries, and while I've spent many an afternoon lugging, and I do mean lugging, several overstuffed suitcases through trainstations and streets by myself I've never had anyone help me. It was nice on a physical level, eg my back is in great working order at the moment, but even more so on a personal level. A good friend is truly the best thing one can have. And she is a good friend, because Manhattan was a giant puddle today, rain blowing sideways at gusts of up to 50 miles an hour, and her having worked a 9-hour-shift and having slept less than 6 hours the night before. She's a right legend, she is.

So here I am in Connecticut, soon to be in Boston with old friends but thinking about my good ones in New York City. Be back soon!