Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Misadventures in Babysitting - Chapter 2: Lessons on Texting While Pushing a Stroller

posted by Liz

Felicity: hi. Read your blog. Liked it. Snow day today. At café reading alone. I have an urge to text joey and have him join me at café. Sigh

Liz: It’s raining in manhattan. With anna banana all day. Did u text joey?

Felicity: No. For sure no. Must be resolute to emotional well being. Like a diet, ha.

Liz: Ha, I like that. A mental diet…restricting where your mind wanders. Strolling baby in meatpacking district. Ironic.

Felicity: Ha. Had crazy sex dreams last night. Odd since libido is feeling dead.

Liz: My face feels like a pressure chamber. I realize now how much i’ve taken free coffee 4 granted. I would cherish a PB&J and double espresso right now

Felicity: Ha ha. I’m making carrot soup with carrots from bobby’s garden.

Liz: HA. That sounds like a metaphor.

Felicity: Not blow job bobby. Different bobby.

Liz:…I can blog this conversation, right?

Felicity: Ha ha yea.

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