Tuesday, December 8, 2009


by jyll

It's been a bit since we've posted, hmm? I blame pre-holiday inertia. My mind has been a brick for the last few days, I assume that I am preparing for the stress of visiting my family next week, but it could just be the weather. New York is FREEZING. And by FREEZING, I mean 35. I spent last winter in Hawaii and the one before in SoCal, so this is all new to me. Last week I bought what I thought was a cute black felt newsboy cap to keep my lil head warm, but I usually wear a leather jacket and today I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window and realized that I looked like a winter version of one of the village people. Oh well.

So, what's been up these last two weeks? Well, we had Thanksgiving (sushi and whiskey), we had family drama (step-great-aunt had a heart attack or something), and we invented the Coffee Diet, wherein one drinks nothing but coffee all day. If you don't have heart palpitation issues, it's killer. Oh, and there was an incident with my motocross racing ex boyfriend, namely that I found out that he impregnated one of my cousins...again...and I was actually surprised and hurt by it...again...so that was a fair bit of drama. All in all, an eventful two weeks.

How was your holiday?

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