Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adzuki Bean Popsicle

by Jyll

I feel like my mother today. In a good way. There are days when I feel like my mother and I know that it's most definitely not a good thing, but other days it can be a comforting thing. Just like there is "good crazy" and "bad crazy".

I find that when I have a "turningintomymother day" that I do things that are exactly the way that she does them. For example, I was rudely awoken at 5am by a pounding migraine. I sighed loudly and mumbled "fuckin a," a dearly beloved expression of my mother, in what I swear was my her exact voice. That made my head worse. So I took two Advil, started to go back to bed, and then thought, in these exact words, "Honey, 400 miligrams isn't enough, 800 is much better...oh, alright, 6oo miligrams, but you really should take another 200. Honestly." Which would have been my mother's end of the conversation, had she been in the room with me. Medication starts at 800 miligrams or bust for her and we always fight over how much she drugs me. It's an important part of our relationship. My mom is a Hospice nurse, and because all of her patients have 6 months or less to live she forgets that those of us with healthy livers need to keep them that way.

So, I go back to bed, blablabla my head is killing me, wake up, take the baby out, get some coffee, play at the park, come home, put munchkin down for a nap, and then I wandered into the kitchen, just like my little mother does (she's very childlike, my mother), and said, aloud, even though there was no one there, "What oh what shall we have for lunch today?" Just like, you guessed it, Mama. I remembered that I had cooked up a big batch of beans and frozen them, classic MyMother move, so I threw them in a pot and added some meat and there we are. I find it relevant to post this because a) I'm turning into my mother and the world must be warned, and b) Having a giant adzuki bean popsicle in a pot was so comical and classic SomethingMyMomTaughtMeToDo that I photographed it.



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  1. Tuesday's migraine = Friday's panic attack
    Adzuki Bean Popsicle = frozen broccoli

    Parallel lives, Jyll. The only thing that separates us is the Manhattan Bridge.